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How to generate barcodes with Microsoft Word Mail Merge in your paper surveys

20 April, 2019
For multi-page surveys, created with you must have an additional unique barcode at the bottom-left corner and on the each page. One-page surveys may also be uniquely marked but only if you would like to include some identification number: The barcode on the bottom-right side is used t... (read more...)

Automating data processing with paper-based forms

17 April, 2019
Are you currently collecting data on paper forms and entering data manually? There is a better way. In this post, I'll describe how you can minimize manual data entry costs by automating form capture and processing. provides an easy and cost-effective technology for creating paper-ba... (read more...)

Looking for FormScanner OMR Alternative?

17 April, 2019
You’re in the right place. offers a OMR (optical mark recognition) and HTR (handwritten text recognition) survey solution suitable for small to large businesses. Cloud based software is a cloud based software. Therefore, you may create and process paper surveys on any... (read more...)

Paper Surveys with Scanning

17 April, 2019
Collect data on paper forms to reach your target audience. specializes solely in paper-based survey questionnaires creation and recognition. Data validation & verification Mistakes can happen an do happen in manual data entry. uses advanced algorithms and machine lea... (read more...)

Looking for a Remark Office OMR Alternative?

3 March, 2019
Remark OMR is one of the oldest OMR software solutions available commercially. Are you are looking a simpler alternative to Remark OMR? Try offers a OMR (optical mark recognition) and HTR (handwritten text recognition) survey solution suitable for small to medium b... (read more...)

Looking for a Moodle Quiz OMR Alternative?

28 February, 2019
Moodle Quiz OMR is a Moodle (open-source learning management system) that allows to conduct assessments on paper and synchronize results to the grading system. Unfortunately, it has not been been maintained and the last update has been made on 2010. Try software to replace Moodle Q... (read more...)

Non-profit sponsorships

16 February, 2019
Are you working in a non-profit organization? We provide our paper survey solution for free for non-profit organizations on case by case basis. How can my organization get a discount? Create an account and verify email address. Contact us at and describe the following informa... (read more...)

How to create a paper-based survey

11 February, 2019
Using data entry platform you may easily create and manage your paper-based questionnaire in a single place. The platform provides an end-to-end solution from creating to processing scanned documents and analyzing the automatically recognized data. This is a guide on how to use Pap... (read more...)

The best document scanners for data entry in paper-based surveys and optical mark recognition

8 February, 2019
Note: software supports recognition of documents scanned on any scanners. However, you may want to improve the efficiency of the scanning process. Take a look at the scanners we recommend for the use with paper-based surveys. You may also scan the documents using mobile phone scanni... (read more...)

Markdown text formatting guide for paper-based surveys

7 February, 2019 supports a subset of markdown syntax for adjusting text formatting. These may be beneficial for emphasizing certain words in the survey. Text formatting Bold To make the text bolder you may wrap the text in two asterisks or underscores: Bold text with asterisks or underscores. whic... (read more...)