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Are you looking for a modern software solution to capture data from the paper questionnaires?

papersurvey.io provides an easy and cost-effective technology for creating paper-based forms with a checkmark and handwritten text recognition:

  • Scan an unlimited number of documents.
  • Create surveys with an unlimited number of questions and pages.
  • Recognize documents from photos, deskew images and automatically rotate pages.
  • Scan duplex or simplex questionnaires.
  • Uniquely mark each paper copy to avoid duplicate scans and automatically sort the pages.

Data Entry from paper-based forms

Setup your questionnaire on papersurvey.io for collecting data via paper forms. Once you are ready and happy how the survey looks like, just print your survey forms and distribute them to your respondents or the staff.

The data entry is automated. You only need to scan the filled sheets and upload to our cloud platform. Within minutes of uploading, you will be able to analyze the quantitative data.

You may automatically sync responses from your Dropbox folder or use Zapier to handle your specific workflow. Finally, you may just send the scanned sheets over the email.

Cloud-based software

Unlike most of the alternatives such as ABBYY OCR or Remark Office OMR, the software is available as a web service and does not require you to install any type of software or buy compatible hardware to scan the surveys. This allows you to start creating the survey for your research immediately.

Getting started is easy as you only need to register and create a survey form online and print it. Once you have several responses collected just scan the pages and upload the scanned documents.

Easy to use survey designer

We built the survey designer to be as simple as possible for the user to set up their first paper survey. The generated paper layout is automatically optimized for the automatic form processing and includes all required marks to help with image processing and field recognition.

Handle any scale

Our data processing software is designed to handle large research projects and we are able to process an unlimited number of pages.

Online survey collector

Do you need an ability to collect responses via web surveys? Or would you like to enter the data into the system by typing manually? Web surveys may be optionally enabled allowing you to collect data from multiple sources and store all data in one location.

Analyzing results online

You may analyze your results online as soon as you upload and data is processed (Usually within 20 minutes). Exporting results from our platform is simple and fast.

Are you ready to create your first form to automate your data processing? Click here to register and try out our data capturing software today.

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