Looking for a ABBYY FlexiCapture Alternative?


Are you are looking for a simpler alternative to ABBYY FlexiCapture? Try PaperSurvey.io.

PaperSurvey.io offers an OMR (optical mark recognition) and HTR (handwritten text recognition) recognition software that allows to easily create and read forms generated by our software.

Collect responses from the paper-based forms and automatically extract the data by sending the scanned documents to us. Create research surveys, questionnaires, registration, HR, feedback or application forms, quizzes, tests or anything else you can think of.

Cloud-based software

Differently than ABBYY FlexiCapture, PaperSurvey.io is a cloud-based software. Therefore, you may create and process paper forms on any platform.

Do you not need:

  • Install any additional software
  • Deal with hardware and software updates
  • Renew licenses
  • Backup data
  • Think about scaling issues

No Setup

Our forms are machine-readable by default and do not require a time-consuming process to set up the survey and configure each checkmark or text field. This is done automatically! You may set up your survey in minutes instead of days.

Simple pricing

Only need to use the survey platform just for a few months? Simply cancel when you no longer need it and resubscribe when you want to use it again.

View Results Online

You can always check your form Online immediately on any device and browser and always compare recognized information with actual document images.

Automate & Integrate with other platforms

Easily integrate papersurvey.io software with your database. You may use a no-code solution — Zapier or code the integration yourself by interacting with Webhooks and API.

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