Anonymous Employee Surveys on Paper and Web


Anonymous paper surveys

Are you looking for a solution on how to collect anonymous feedback from your employees without breaching confidentiality? You have come to the right place.

Our solution allows you to collect responses both on paper and the web. Primarily the software tailored for paper surveys but for you can also access the same survey on the web.

Truly Anonymous Surveys

Our software does not track personally identifiable information. Wherewith standard survey tools usually you are able to see the Browser, IP, Referrer information using which you can accidentally find out the person behind the submission.

Using software your employees may be confident that their response will remain anonymous and untraceable completing survey on the web. Surveys on paper are not traceable either, especially if you will not include open-response fields. Having open-response fields, you could theoretically find out who wrote the answer by analyzing the handwriting and comparing with other samples but that could be a long and tedious task.

Easy Setup

You can set up your survey easily and you do not need any technical or niche knowledge about the paper surveys. We automatically map the question field locations so you would not need to do that manually. Our surveys are automatically optimized for optimal data recognition and you will not need to worry about the scanned forms being not readable.

Finally, if you would also want to collect some of the responses on the web (e.g. to send the survey for remote workers), with a click of a button you can enable the web surveys.

Higher response rate

With surveys on paper, you can get much more responses than using web surveys. Using our survey tool, you will spend a minimal amount of time digitizing the responses.

Use Letterbox To Collect Responses

For added anonymity, we recommend telling your employees to put the completed paper survey responses to a letterbox located in common areas. This way, your employees will be more open with their survey responses.

Employee survey examples

Looking to find an example survey template for your employee survey? Take a look a our survey template gallery and pick a survey to start with.

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