Automating data processing with paper-based forms

17 April, 2019

Are you currently collecting data on paper forms and entering data manually? There is a better way. In this post, I'll describe how you can minimize manual data entry costs by automating form capture and processing. provides an easy and cost-effective technology for creating paper-based forms with a checkmark and handwritten text recognition:

  • Scan an unlimited number of documents.
  • Create surveys with an unlimited number of questions and pages.
  • Recognize documents from photos, deskew images and automatically rotate pages.
  • Scan duplex of simplex questionnaires.
  • Uniquely mark each paper copy to avoid duplicate scans and automatically sort the pages.

Data Entry from paper-based forms

Setup your questionnaire on and collect data on paper surveys. Once you are ready and happy how the survey looks like, just print your survey forms and distribute to your respondents or staff.

Cloud-based software

Unlike most of the alternatives, the software is available on the web and does not require you to install any software or buy compatible hardware to scan.

Getting started is easy as you only need to register and create a survey form online.

Scanning paper-based forms

You may use any type of scanner to scan the completed documents. You may as well capture paper forms using your mobile phone. Generally, scanning with a document feeder is much more efficient. However, our software is designed to recognize documents from photos as well.

Handle any scale

Our data processing software is designed to handle a large number of documents and can scale dynamically. Therefore, we are able to process thousands of scans per hour.

Accurate optical mark recognition

Our software correctly identifies 99.99% of the checkmarks. If the calculated accuracy is lower than a certain threshold, a response will be flagged for you to review and manually verify the answer.

You may choose between two recognition modes to suit your requirements:

  • Check or fill the box to respond (default mode)
  • Check to respond, fill to unmark

Online survey collector

Do you need to collect the surveys from both paper-based forms as well as web surveys? Or would you like to enter the data into the system manually on certain occasions? Web surveys may be optionally enabled allowing you to collect data from multiple sources and store in one location.

Analyzing results online

You may analyze your results online as soon as you upload and data is processed. Exporting results from our database is simple and fast.

Are you ready to create your first form to automate your data processing? Click here to register and try out our data capturing software today.

Page last updated: 17 April, 2019

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