Paper Surveys with Scanning


Collect data on paper forms to reach your target audience. specializes solely in paper-based survey questionnaires creation and recognition.

Data validation & verification

Mistakes can happen an do happen in manual data entry. uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to recognize scanned paper surveys. This reduces data entry errors to a minimum level. All checkboxes are recognized with 99.99% accuracy.

However, if the machine is not certain about the correctness of the answer (incorrectly filled, bad scan quality, etc), the response will be flagged for additional verification by you.

At the moment, all recognized handwritten text fields require additional verification, but you may choose yourself how accurate your text needs to be.

Open response questions

Respondents are presented with a box to write text.

Unlike other data entry solutions, we ask to write the text in free text boxes.

Page stamping

For paper and pencil surveys with two or more pages, by default, we enable page stamping - uniquely mark each page with a barcode on the bottom-left side of the page.

The barcode on the bottom-right side is used to a respondent and the other barcode is to determine survey and page.

This feature ensures we match the pages correctly even if all responses are scanned in a single or separate files.

Type a number of copies you need and we will email you a single PDF file for printing.

If you wish, you can also enable this feature on single page surveys.

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