Non-profit sponsorships


Due to high demand, we temporarily paused accepting new organizations in our free Non-profit program. Please consider subscribing to our paid plans instead.

Are you working in a non-profit organization? We provide our paper survey solution for free for non-profit organizations on a case by case basis.

How can my organization get a discount?

  1. Create an account and verify the email address.

  2. Contact us at and describe the following information:

    • Name of your non-profit
    • Proof of your nonprofit status with your local government
    • Describe your use case and what data you plan to collect
    • The number of responses per month (approximately) you plan to collect.


  • As the handwriting recognition is expensive for us, open-ended (e.g. Short text answer, Long text answer) questions are not going to be automatically transcribed. Thus, you will need to manually enter the text by looking at the scanned fields or you can just keep it in an image format.

    Close-ended (e.g. single/multiple-choice) questions and Character/Number/Date fields will be recognized automatically

  • Includes Standard plan features only (plus Team Access).

  • Not valid for academic institutions.

  • In exchange for free service, we will ask to mention us on your website.

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