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Anonymously and securely verifying paper survey responses

Help Center ScanningLast updated: 23 December, 2019

You have collected survey responses, but there are a lot of responses that are pending verification due to low recognition accuracy or the handwritten fields.

To keep the costs low, we leave the data verification part to you and you may decide by yourself who will be verifying these responses: you, your employees, students or other outsourced people.

My team settings

You can access your team settings from here

How to invite someone to my account?

There are several options available on how to invite additional users to your account:

  1. Invite them with Member Access
  2. Invite them with Verification Operator Access

Member access

Inviting users as a member gives them full access to the application and they may create, update or remove surveys and responses.

You should only use this invitation method if you completely trust your users.

Verification Operator access

Inviting users as a verification operator only gives access to the verification area (see screenshot below) for specific surveys in your account and you may set a limit when their access expires.

This is a great way if you would like to invite people to verify responses without giving them full access to the collected data. It also helps anonymously verify responses as the operator may only view the excerpt of the question and if needed can open the full page.

Verification access view

This is what Verification Operator sees when opens the link.

Verification Operators do not need to register an account on - to start verification, they only need to open an unguessable link sent to their email address.

Verification operator email

Email sent to Verification Operator.

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