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Anonymously and Securely Verifying Paper Survey Responses

Help Center ScanningLast updated: 11 October, 2023

After collecting survey responses, you may have pending verifications due to low recognition accuracy or handwritten fields. To manage costs, we entrust the data verification process to you, allowing you to choose who will perform this task—whether it's you, your employees, students, or outsourced personnel.

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How to Invite Someone to Your Account

You have several options for inviting additional users to your account:

  1. Member Access: Invite users as members, granting them full access to They can create, update, or remove surveys and responses. This method is suitable for users you completely trust.

  2. Verification Operator Access: Invite users as verification operators, providing access to the verification area for specific surveys in your account. You can set a limit on their access duration. This approach is ideal if you want individuals to verify responses without giving them full access to collected data. It also ensures anonymous response verification, as operators can only view question excerpts and, if necessary, open the full page.

Verification access view

This is what Verification Operators see when they open the link.

Verification Operators do not need to register an account on To begin verification, they only need to open an unguessable link sent to their email address.

Verification operator email

Email sent to Verification Operator.

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