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What exactly is the Advanced Versioning?

Help Center PrintingLast updated: 11 October, 2023

Advanced survey versioning

If you've come across the option to activate Advanced Versioning on the survey printing page, you may wonder about its capabilities and how it can benefit your survey. Let's dive into what can be accomplished with Advanced Versioning.

Key Features of Advanced Versioning

With Advanced Versioning, you gain the ability to:

  • Label Each Version with Your Own Tag: Assign a unique tag to each version of your survey to differentiate them easily.

  • Print Any Survey Version on the List: Unlike when Advanced Versioning is disabled, which allows printing only the latest version, you can print any version from your list.

  • Track the Version Used for a Given Response: You can determine which survey version was used for a particular respondent's response.

Use Cases

Here are some scenarios where Advanced Versioning can be valuable:

  • Multiple Survey Versions for Different Locations: Distribute different survey versions to various locations, such as events, restaurants, or business branches. Analyze responses based on the version name (e.g., "London Office" or "New York Office").

  • Customized Text with Consistent Questions: Tailor the text of the survey to match the specific location or context while keeping the questions consistent.

  • Several Survey Versions for Varied Data Analysis: Create multiple versions of the survey within the same dataset. For instance:

    • Full Survey (including all questions)
    • Short Survey (containing only the first page)

Please note that Advanced Versioning is disabled by default, as it adds some complexity to the printing user interface. Activate it only when it aligns with your specific use case.

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