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What exactly is the Advanced Versioning?

Help Center PrintingLast updated: 23 December, 2019

Advanced survey versioning

You might have noticed an option to activate Advanced Versioning in the survey printing page, but chances are that you did not understand what can be done with it.

Basically, having advanced versioning you are able to

  • Label each version with your own tag.
  • Print any survey version on the list.
    • When advanced versioning is disabled, you are only able to print the latest version.
  • See which version was used for a given response.

Use Cases

  • Create multiple versions and distribute copies to different locations
    • Useful in surveys conducted at different events, restaurants, business locations
    • You can analyze responses based on the version name (e.g. London Office, New York Office)
  • Customize the text of the survey, but keep the questions the same
  • Have several versions of the survey and analyze data from the same dataset e.g.:
    • Full survey (all questions included)
    • Short survey (only the first page)

Advanced versioning is disabled by default as it makes the printing user interface slightly more complicated to use. Only activate if you find it useful in your use case._

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