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What is unique survey page marking?

Help Center PrintingLast updated: 1 February, 2020

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There are a few options how you can print the paper survey but by default, unique page identifiers are used to reduce the errors and simplify the scanning process.

You can disable unique page marking if you do not want to use them.

Advantages of unique identifiers

  • Automatically matches the pages for each survey response.
    • You can upload a single file with 100s of pages.
    • The page order is irrelevant.
    • There is no need to scan each response in a separate file.
  • Prevent duplicate uploads/scans.
    • If you upload the same page several times, only the first upload will be processed.
    • You are able to re-scan all documents to find the missing pages.
  • Match identifiers with your internal database.
    • You can provide the list of identifiers you would like to print and after exporting the data, connect the responses to your database.
  • You are able to create dynamic forms where the content changes

Disadvantages of unique identifiers

  • Cannot copy pages or print on the go.
    • Each time you want to print more copies you will need to go to and generate a new batch with n number of copies.
    • If you print the same file twice, half of the uploaded responses will be marked as duplicates.
  • Printing can be a bit more expensive.
    • In some countries, it can be cheaper to make copies compared to printing a large document.
  • Sometimes you may not be able to use it
    • e.g. if you would like to distribute a multi-page paper survey in a newspaper or magazine, you won't be able to use the unique identifiers.

Single page paper surveys

Survey footer By default, single page surveys do not use unique page marking. You should see a single QR code at bottom-right corner that identifies which survey was uploaded.

Once you click 'Print' the survey, you will get a PDF file that you can print as many times as you wish.

You may choose to activate "Uniquely mark single-page surveys" in your survey settings. This will add an additional QR code at bottom-left corner, which will be used to uniquely identify the participant. To print uniquely marked surveys, you will need to enter the number of copies (or provide identifiers you would like to use) you need and a PDF file will be generated.

Multi-page paper surveys

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By default, multi-page surveys use unique page marking.

To print the survey you will need to enter how many copies you would like to get.

You may choose to disable "Unique page marking" in your survey settings. If you do this, you will need to upload each survey copy in a separate PDF file.

For example, you have printed 4 copies (each with 5 pages) with unique page marking disabled. You will need to scan each response in a separate PDF file and upload:

  • a.pdf (5 pages)
  • b.pdf (5 pages)
  • c.pdf (5 pages)
  • d.pdf (5 pages)
  • e.pdf (5 pages)

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