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How to delete survey responses

Help Center ResponsesLast updated: 14 December, 2019

There are few ways how you can remove responses from your account.

Delete the uploaded documents

Delete document

You may delete the uploaded document and all the responses that have been created from it will be removed as well.

To do this, just go to Uploaded documents page and click on the delete button.

Delete a single response

Delete document

You can also delete only the specific response.

To do this, go to your survey 'Responses' page and click on "Edit" toggle as indicated above. The "Delete" button will appear to the right of each row.

Delete survey (or survey data only)

Delete document

You may delete all survey responses by deleting the survey (or only the survey data)

To do this, go to your survey 'Settings' page and click 'remove survey' or 'clear uploaded data'

What happens to deleted responses?

When you click delete, responses will be removed from our databases without the ability to restore it*.

The respective files (uploaded documents, cropped images of responses) will be scheduled for automatic removal, which should complete within several hours.

Your responses will be kept in our backup systems for up to three months until they are completely removed.

*- You may be able to restore it by re-uploading the original documents or paying us to restore data from the backup.

Prevent accidental data removal

If you wish to lock-down your account to prevent accidental data removal, please contact support to disable data removal for your account.

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