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PaperSurvey + Dropbox Auto-Sync integration

Help Center IntegrationsLast updated: 11 October, 2023

The PaperSurvey + Dropbox Auto-Sync integration allows you to seamlessly upload documents from a selected Dropbox folder to automatically.

Use Cases

This integration serves several practical use cases:

  • Automated Document Upload: Scan your documents and have them automatically uploaded to a designated Dropbox folder. Once they are in your Dropbox, they will be forwarded to, simplifying your workflow.

  • Multifunction Printing-Scanning Devices: Some multifunction printing-scanning devices have the capability to automatically upload files to your Dropbox account. With this integration, you can ensure that these files are seamlessly relayed to for further processing.

To set up the Dropbox integration, follow these steps:

  1. Visit your Integration settings on

  2. Authenticate your Dropbox account.

  3. Choose the specific Dropbox folder that should be monitored for new uploads.

This integration streamlines the process of transferring scanned documents to your account, making data collection and analysis more efficient.

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