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Custom survey domain or subdomain for web surveys

Help Center Web surveysLast updated: 4 March, 2020

This feature is available only to Enterprise Plus plan holders.

By default, your survey address will look like this: You can customize the last part (e.g. 30pk2m) to your own liking, assuming it isn't already taken.

If you would like to brand the address and use your company domain, you can do this by updating several DNS records. Once you point the domain you will be able to use both addresses (e.g. and

view a sample branded survey and compare it with the default link.

Domain list

Update DNS Records

To point the domain, you will need to update DNS records as indicated below. You may share this page to your IT department so they would know where to point the domain.

Host Record type Value TTL Example
survey CNAME 3600 (or default) Assuming we are changing DNS records for domain ``,
survey address will be

To complete the domain linking, please add the domain in your custom domains settings

Custom CSS

If you have basic understanding of CSS, you would be able to change the survey styling a bit to match your own branding.

SSL Certificate

SSL certificate will be automatically generated via LetsEncrypt open certificate authority. There are no extra costs to generate or renew a SSL certificate.

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