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Booklet/brochure surveys

Help Center PrintingLast updated: 26 June, 2023

This article provides instructions on how to print your paper questionnaire in a booklet/brochure layout for surveys created using

What is the booklet/brochure?

Instead of simply providing respondents with a plain A4 format page to fill in their responses, you may fold it in half. On both sides of the fold, respondent will have questions to answer.

You can print the questionnaire on either A3 or A4 format paper. If you choose to print it on A4 paper, the survey will be downscaled to A5 format and during recognition it will be automatically upscaled to the correct size.

If you plan to print on A3 format paper, please make sure you have access to an A3 scanner. Otherwise, you will need to cut the paper in half before loading it onto an A4 scanner.

How to create a booklet survey with

To create a booklet survey using you just need to create a regular survey and use page breaks to separate different pages of the questionnaire.

Once you have downloaded a printable PDF file, in your printer settings set 'Pages per sheet' to 2 - this will divide the page into two horizontal sections to make a booklet. Each printed page then should be folded in half. Multiple page booklets should be stapled and unstapled before scanning.

How to scan and upload the booklet survey to

Uploading booklet surveys is slightly different from uploading regular paper surveys. Since our software can only read one page at a time, the pages of the booklet survey must be split in half before processing. You can split the pages yourself (e.g., cut them with scissors or digitally after scanning), or you can use the built-in auto-cropping capabilities in

There are several ways you can instruct to cut the page in half:

  1. Enable a 'Booklet scanning' option in general settings. This will automatically crop all your uploads in half for all surveys.
  2. Insert [a5] in the filename. This will only crop the files that have [a5] in the filename.

Notice: only PDF files can be cropped in half!

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