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Close web survey to prevent new responses from being submitted

Help Center Web surveysLast updated: 2 March, 2024

After collecting the necessary responses for your paper and web survey, or achieving your intended sample size, you may decide it's time to begin data analysis. This crucial step often requires preventing any new submissions to ensure the integrity and consistency of your dataset.

Closing Your Survey

To stop receiving new responses, adjust your survey's status from "Open" to "Closed" within the survey settings. This action effectively blocks any further submissions from both web survey pages and paper survey uploads.

How can I customize a closed survey message on the web?

While our system doesn't natively support custom closure messages for web surveys, there's a workaround that allows you to communicate effectively with potential respondents about the survey's closure. Follow these steps to set up a custom message:

  1. Create a New Survey: Begin by making a new survey within your account.
  2. Add a Custom Message: Insert a "Description" type question in the new survey. Use this section to inform visitors that the survey is now closed and no longer accepting submissions.
  3. Adjust the Original Survey Settings: Navigate to the settings of the survey you wish to close. Within the "Survey Link" configuration field, copy the survey address and replace it with some random value.
  4. Link to the New Survey: Activate web surveys for your newly created survey and paste the value from the previous step into its "Survey Link" field. Save these changes.

With these adjustments, your original survey will redirect to the new one, effectively preventing any new responses to the original survey while informing visitors of its closure.

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