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A staff person created a survey on and said it was anonymous. Could they identify respondents?

Help Center SecurityLast updated: 26 October, 2021

No, they would not be able to identify the individual who responded to the survey, unless you would intentionally leave identifiable information in an open response question. If survey uses 'tagged links', it may be possible to identify the respondent or respondent group.

What metadata you collect.

We do not collect any metadata of the respondents intentionally to keep the survey anonymous (No IP addresses, no browser fingerprints, no other information that could expose the participant).

Tagged links

We allow use of tagged links for the users of to be able to identify the audience (e.g. city, event, location, etc.)

If the staff member has setup survey tagging, they may want to analyze the data across different audiences. These links could potentially allow identifying the respondents if each respondent is given an unique link. If you feel unsure and insecure, you may reach out to us via live chat (as Guest) with a link to the survey and we'll be able to tell you if survey is fully anonymous.


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