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Fold and Staple Paper Surveys for Envelopes

Help Center RecognitionLast updated: 11 October, 2023

staple paper forms

Folding and stapling paper surveys to fit into envelopes can be a convenient way to distribute and collect information. However, it's essential to take care during this process to ensure that the survey responses are accurately recognized and that your equipment remains undamaged. In this guide, we'll provide you with tips and best practices for folding and stapling your paper surveys.

Folding Paper Surveys

staple paper forms

The page above was folded.

Folding your paper surveys is a common practice, but it can potentially introduce errors during recognition. Here are some guidelines to ensure smooth folding:

  1. Minimize Folds: Keep the number of folds to a minimum. In most cases, a single fold should suffice to fit your survey into the envelope. Excessive folds may result in complications during recognition.

  2. Check Multiple-Choice Questions: For multiple-choice questions, make sure there are no folds intersecting the checkboxes. Folds across checkboxes can sometimes be misinterpreted as checked responses during scanning. Be vigilant when reviewing responses manually to catch any inaccuracies.

  3. Avoid Folding Across Text Blocks: When folding your paper survey, be cautious about any folds crossing through text response areas. This can result in text being detected as a long, continuous line, making manual verification necessary.

If you fold the page, these folding lines may appear. While in this case, it didn't cause any issues as the line was automatically ignored. In the worst-case scenario, you will need to manually verify the response.

For multiple-choice questions, please ensure there are no folds. Otherwise, a few checkboxes may be recognized as checked and you will only notice this if you review the responses manually.

paperform folding

Folding on text response block, text may be detected as long line (e.g. ______ )

Stapling Paper Surveys

Stapling your paper surveys can be an efficient way to keep them organized, but it's important to remove the staples before scanning. Follow these guidelines when using staples:

  1. Remove Staples Before Scanning: Staple marks can interfere with the scanning process, potentially damaging the scanner. Use a staple remover or carefully cut the staples from the paper. Ensure that you don't accidentally cut any corner marks during this process (at least three out of four corner marks are needed for accurate recognition).

  2. Consider Paper Clips: To avoid the need for staple removal and minimize the risk of scanner damage, consider using paper clips. Paper clips are easier to remove and won't leave any marks on the paper.

By following these folding and stapling best practices, you can ensure that your paper surveys fit neatly into envelopes while minimizing the risk of recognition errors and equipment damage. Proper handling of your paper surveys will contribute to a smoother and more accurate data collection process.

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