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PaperSurvey + Google Sheets integration

Help Center IntegrationsLast updated: 1 February, 2020

PaperSurvey + Google Sheets

You may connect your Google account to integrate PaperSurvey with the Google Sheets.

This integrations allows to seamlessly sync your survey data to a Google Spreadsheet. Once you upload new documents the data in the spreadsheet will be updated within a few minutes.

Use Cases

You may use this spreadsheet as a source of data that you can connect with other tools. In most cases, you should not modify this spreadsheet as it will be updated/overridden with a new data

  • Calculating additional metrics
    • Create additional sheet and
  • Using live survey data in Google Data Studio
    • Create a interactive dashboard by your own
  • Connect to a BI (Business intelligence) tool


This integration is available to all users and since it is a direct integration there are no usage limits or additional pricing. Google has rate-limit on how many rows we can update, therefore during busy periods, the data may not appear in a spreadsheet immediately but it will be updated as soon as possible.

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