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What question types are supported in paper surveys?

Help Center Form designLast updated: 17 February, 2023 supports a variety of question types that should be sufficient for most use cases. However, if you require a custom question type, you can contact us at, and we may be able to add it.

Single Choice

Allow respondents to select only one answer from all available responses. If more than one is selected, it should be flagged for you to correct.

Single choice question type

Multiple Choice

Allow respondents to select one or more answers from all available options. You may also choose to limit the number of choices a user can select, specifying the maximum number of options allowed.

Multiple choice question type


Ask the respondent to select the answer that is closest to their left or right response.

Range question type


Similar to the Range question, there is a NPS (Net Promoter Score) question type, which is basically an optimized version of Range with a few additions such as calculation of the NPS score.

Range question type

Single choice grid

Allow respondents to select only one response for each question in a group.

Single choice grid question type

Multiple choice grid

Allow respondents to select multiple responses for each question in a group.

Tick box grid question type


You can either choose a free-form digit field or set a maximum limit on the number of digits participants can write.

  • Free-form digits field

Number question type

  • Number question type set to 9 digits

Number digits question type


Ask the respondent to enter a specific date or time. The software will automatically verify if the date entered is valid and flag it for review if it is not.

Date question type

Short text

Allow respondents to enter only one line of text.

Short text question type


The signature field is similar to a short text field, but the input will be captured as an image since signatures don't require handwriting recognition.

Short text question type

Long text

Allow respondents to enter more than one line of text.

Long text question type


You can add a heading to your survey and choose from four different heading styles. You can also customize the color of the headings in your survey settings.

Page break

Insert a page break to start a new page. All questions below the page break will be added to a new page.


Separate question blocks by placing a divider.


Vertical spacing

Add additional spacing between two elements.

Vertical spacing


This is a special question that allows to display a group of questions in 2/3/4 column layout.

Multi column

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