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Adding Images to Survey Forms

Help Center Form designLast updated: 11 October, 2023

Image manager for surveys

Please note that this feature is not available to users on the 'Standard' plan.

Adding images to your survey forms in is a simple process. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Access the Image Manager:

    • To get started, go to the Image Manager. Alternatively, you can access it by clicking 'More' in the top menu bar.
  2. Upload Your Image:

    • In the Image Manager, you can upload the image you would like to use in your survey. Once uploaded, the image will appear in your list of available images.
  3. Obtain the Shortcode:

    • Under each image in the Image Manager, you will find a shortcode associated with it.
  4. Paste the Shortcode in Your Survey:

    • Copy the shortcode and paste it directly into your survey at the desired location.

Image Size Customization

You have the flexibility to adjust the size of the image to meet your specific needs. You can do this by changing the width and height parameters using the following format: [img width=X height=Y]my-image[/img].

  • Measurement in Centimeters: Please note that the width and height parameters are measured in centimeters.

  • Centering the Image: If you want to center the image, add the 'center' parameter, like this: [img width=5 height=3 center]my-image[/img].

  • Full-Width Image: For a full-width image, you don't need to provide any parameters. Simply use the following format: [img]my-image[/img].

  • Half-Page Width: To set the image to half-page width, use the 'width' parameter with the value 'half', like this: [img width=half]my-image[/img].

  • Third-Page Width: If you want to set the image to a third of the page width, use the 'width' parameter with the value 'third', as shown here: [img width=third]my-image[/img].

With these options, you can effectively include and customize images in your survey forms to create a more engaging and informative experience for your respondents.

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