Retirement Home Resident Satisfaction Survey Template

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Questions in this survey: 52, Language: English

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List of questions in this template

  1. Does the staff follow up and respond quickly to your concerns?
  2. Are you satisfied with the activities in the facility?
  3. Are foods served at the right temperature (cold foods are cold, hot foods are hot)?
  4. Do you have enough to do here?
  5. Did the staff provide you with information about the different services in the facility?
  6. Does the noise in other resident’s room bother you?
  7. Can you go to bed when you like?
  8. Retirement Home Resident Satisfaction Survey
  9. Does the staff treat you with respect?
  10. Do you think that the facility should be cleaner?
  11. Can you get the foods you like?
  12. Do the activities staff treat you and other residents with respect?
  13. Did the staff inform you about the daily rate?
  14. Does the noise in the public areas bother you?
  15. Can you choose what clothes to wear?
  16. (Copy)
  17. Does the staff treat other residents with respect?
  18. Does the facility seem homelike?
  19. Are there times when you don't get enough to eat?
  20. Are you satisfied with activities in the facility?
  21. Did the staff inform you about any additional charges?
  22. Are there times when other residents get you upset?
  23. Can you bring in belongings that make your room feel homelike?
  24. Communication and Care
  25. Are you satisfied with the quality of the staff in the facility?
  26. Do you have a private space to visit other residents?
  27. Do you think the food is tasty?
  28. Were you satisfied with the manner in which the admission was handled?
  29. Do the staff leave you alone if you want to do nothing?
  30. Does a staff check to see if you are comfortable (ask if you need a blanket, need a drink, need a change in position)?
  31. Are you satisfied with your room?
  32. Homeline and Environment (Copy)
  33. Are the staff gentle when they take care of you?
  34. Are you satisfied with the safety and security of the facility?
  35. Homeline and Environment
  36. Dining
  37. Activities
  38. Admission
  39. Noise
  40. Choice

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