Covid-19 Student Impact Survey Template

Looking for a paper-based survey data collection solution for your organization? Take a look at this covid-19 student impact survey template for your upcoming research project.

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Questions in this survey: 33, Language: English

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List of questions in this template

  1. Covid-19 Student Impact Survey
  2. Financial
  3. Question 3
  4. Delay to Graduation
  5. Are you an Intentional or Domestic student?
  6. Delay in coursework/research
  7. Social isolation/Mental health
  8. Question 3 (Copy)
  9. What is your degree program?
  10. Accessibility
  11. Question 3 (Copy) (Copy)
  12. What is your department?
  13. Question 3 (Copy) (Copy) (Copy)
  14. Which months were you restricted from research site access due to COVID?
  15. Question 3 (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy)
  16. Rank the stresses caused by COVID related shutdown
  17. Question 3 (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy)
  18. Did the COVID shutdown impede your ability to collect data/research (includes access to resource materials such as libraries)?
  19. Question 3 (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy)
  20. How many months did COVID related research disruptions add to your anticipated program completion?
  21. Question 3 (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy)
  22. How will your courses in the upcoming Fall 2021 semester be conducted?
  23. Question 3 (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy)
  24. If you courses are online, how do you feel your learning experience will be impacted?
  25. Question 3 (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy)
  26. Do you feel you lost access to essential University provided services due to campus shutdown?
  27. Question 3 (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy)
  28. If yes, which ones?
  29. Question 3 (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy)
  30. Do you feel that the University has provided adequate support during the shutdown?
  31. Question 3 (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy)
  32. How can the university and the administration better support you?
  33. Question 3 (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy)

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