Hotel guest satisfaction paper survey #2 Template

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Questions in this survey: 35, Language: English

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List of questions in this template

  1. Hotel Guest Satisfaction Paper Survey Printable Template
  2. Overall service received
  3. (HOTEL NAME) strives to make your stay at hotel as satisfying as possible. Please take a moment to complete this guest satisfaction survey and let us know what you think of our hotel. Your comments are important to us, and we appreciate you taking the time to share them.
  4. Overall physical condition of this hotel
  5. Overall Experience
  6. Appearance of hotel exterior
  7. Please rate your overall satisfaction with your most recent stay at this hotel:
    • Very Satisfied
    • Somewhat Satisfied
    • Neither
    • Somewhat Dissatisfied
    • Very Dissatisfied
  8. Condition of lobby and reception area
  9. How likely would you be to recommend this hotel to a friend planning to visit the area?
    • Definitely Would
    • Somewhat Satisfied
    • Might or Might Not
    • Probably Would Not
    • Definitely Would Not
  10. Responsiveness to your needs
  11. How likely would you be to stay at this hotel if you were returning to the area?
    • Definitely Would
    • Somewhat Satisfied
    • Might or Might Not
    • Probably Would Not
    • Definitely Would Not
  12. Professional, courteous attitude
  13. Thinking about your overall experience at this hotel and what you paid, how would you rate the value you received for the money? Was it worth it?
    • Much More Than You Paid
    • Somewhat More Than You Paid
    • About What You Paid
    • Somewhat Less Than You Paid
    • Much Less Than You Paid
  14. Knowledge about hotel and local area
  15. Compared to other similarly priced hotels, how would you rate **(HOTEL NAME)** overall?
    • Much Better
    • Somewhat Better
    • About the Same
    • Somewhat Worse
    • Much Worse
    • Not Applicable
  16. Professional appearance
  17. Overall Impression
  18. Speed of check-in process
  19. Overall cleanliness of guest room
  20. Overall physical condition of room
  21. Cleanliness and condition of bedding
  22. Comfort of mattress
  23. Comfort of pillows
  24. Cleanliness and condition of carpet
  25. Condition and function of drapes
  26. Function
  27. Overall operation of heating
  28. Ease of using Internet service
  29. Overall workspace
  30. Lighting in guest room
  31. Feeling of safety and security
  32. Bathroom cleanliness
  33. Physical condition of bathroom
  34. Selection & Lighting in bathroom
  35. Your night's sleep

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