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Questions in this survey: 21, Language: English

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List of questions in this template

  1. Employee Exit Paper Survey Printable Template
  2. What are in your own words at least 3 key reasons for leaving the company?
  3. How effectively were your skills put to use at with us?
  4. How easy was it to get the resources you needed to do your job well at this company?
  5. How much room for professional growth did you have at this company?
  6. How well were you paid for the work you did with us?
  7. How fairly were you treated by your superior at this company?
  8. How consistently did your supervisor reward you for your hard work?
  9. How realistic were the expectations of your supervisor?
  10. How reasonable were the decisions made by your supervisor?
  11. How often did your supervisor listen to employees' opinions when making decisions?
  12. How easy was it for employees to disagree with the decisions made by your superior?
  13. How well did your supervisor handle employee problems?
  14. How well did the members of your team work together to reach targets and deadlines?
  15. In a typical week, how often did you feel stressed at work?
  16. How easy was it to balance your working life and personal life, whilst working with us?
  17. How safe did you feel at your employer's workplace?
  18. How comfortable was your employer's work environment?
  19. Was your employer's working environment positive, negative or neutral?
  20. In a few short words what actions could we take to build a better workplace?
  21. Overall, did you like working with us, dislike it or were indifferent?

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