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Questions in this survey: 9, Language: English

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List of questions in this template

  1. Resort Evaluation Paper Survey Printable Template
  2. Dear Guest, We want to make your stay a memorable vacation experience. To help us better serve you, please take a moment and fill out the following survey to let us know how we are doing at the [RESORT] Sincerely, The Management & Staff
  3. Questionnaire
  4. Why did you choose to stay with us?
    • Option 1
    • Previous visit
    • Attending meeting
    • Bus tour
    • Walk-in
    • Referral by airline
    • Friend or relative
    • Travel agent
    • AAA or Mobile tour guide
    • Newspaper
    • Article
    • Radio
    • Magazine
    • Special package rate
  5. What was your main form of transportation to [CITY]?
    • Airplane
    • Auto
    • Bus
    • Train
  6. When did you make reservations?
    • more than a year in advance
    • 6-9 months in advance
    • 3-6 months in advance
    • 1-3 months in advance
    • 2-4 weeks in advance
    • 1 week in advance
    • 1 day before
    • no reservation (walk-in)
  7. What could we do in the future to improve our services?
  8. Any other comments or suggestions

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