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Transform paper surveys into digital data with AI recognition technologies.

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How does it work?

1. Create a paper survey

Start by designing your survey with our easy-to-use online survey creator.

With 12 different question types to choose from and a variety of text formatting settings, you have the flexibility to customize your survey to fit your needs. And, if you want to see what your survey will look like before you print it, simply click on our sample templates for inspiration.

2. Print paper forms

Once you're happy with your survey design, it's time to print out your copies.

If your survey spans multiple pages, each page will be marked with a unique identifier. This not only simplifies the scanning and recognition process, but it also helps prevent duplicate uploads.

3. Begin data collection

Now it's time to distribute your forms and gather feedback from your respondents.

4. Scan & upload

Once you've collected the completed forms, it's time to scan the pages. Simply upload the scanned files to and let our AI recognition technologies do the rest. You don't need to worry about the page order or rotation, as it will be detected automatically.

You can also send the documents:
  • by   email.
  • auto-sync from Dropbox.
  • upload via actions.
  • use API.

5. Analyze results

Once your data has been captured, you can analyze the results online or export the data file in CSV, Excel, or SPSS format for further analysis.

Main Features

Optical mark recognition (OMR)

With, you can trust that checkmarks will be accurately recognized from the scanned surveys, with a 99.99% accuracy rate

Intelligent character recognition (ICR)

Our AI technology can also recognize characters written inside square boxes, making it great for short text, digits, or dates.

Handwriting recognition (HWR)

And, if you have open response questions, our state-of-the-art AI handwriting recognition technology will automatically recognize any handwritten text.

Unique identifiers for multi-page surveys

To simplify the form scanning and processing and eliminate duplicates, each page of a multi-page survey can be uniquely marked.

Dynamic forms

With our merge tool or the ability to customize your survey using Microsoft Word mail merge, you can dynamically insert information and pre-fill forms.

Google Sheets

Automatically sync your survey data to your Google Sheets document for quick analysis or connection to Business Intelligence (BI) software.


Integrate with other applications to automate your workflow with recognition triggers and upload actions.

API & Webhooks

Integrate with your own database or application by automatically syncing the data as new data is collected.

What our users say


"It worked out of the box. No training required, no clumsy configurations, and almost zero trial and error. Brilliant. Over-the-top customer service and expediency to design improvements based on feedback. It's an easy-to-use product that fills a void in the market and takes the sometimes essential paper-based survey work into the 21st century! While there may be some areas that can still be enhanced, by experience with customer service has blown me away..."

Virgil HP, Research and Evaluation Manager and Advisor

Simple & Effective

"Very easy to setup, intuitive UI for creating a questionnaire (similar to Google forms) - plenty of options for question types - form layout is simple and effective, spaced nicely no over crowding - printing versions, can be used to print a version for on location and allocate it accordingly once scanned - dropbox feature works seamlessly, takes a minute to setup - verification is quick and suprisingly pretty accurate ocr - integration with Google sheets is the icing on the cake, perfect for connecting to business intelligence software."

Adrian K, CEO

Couldn't say better things

"My overall experience was fantastic. I honestly have nothing bad to say. The developer went above and beyond to meet my needs, the product worked exactly as advertised, and it saved hours upon hours of time. I will absolutely be recommending PaperSurvey to my colleages and it will be my go-to for all future research work that I conduct."

Rebecca W, Research Scientist

Perfect tool for a small organization

"This one tool designs, previews,prepares print survey for mailmerge, scans paper responses including character recognition and handwrtten recognition, and supports online reporting. As a former survey manager for a government agency, I was pleasantly surprised to find a tool with such a robust set of capabilities. Most important, the software developer listens and accommodates most requests."

Roberts M, Survey Manager

Very good tool to collect data

"I use it to collect data for research, both in paper and online. Very good technical support. It was very easy to design the survey."

Sandra T, Professor

Amazing Product, Excellent Customer Service!

"I urgently had to find a software to use for paper feedback that could be then be uploaded to extract the responses in an efficient and smart way. Im so glad that I found PaperSurvey. I loved designing the survey as it really made me think about a simple user experience, which PaperSurvey so seamlessly has the capability to do so."

Shreya V, Design Engineer