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Questions in this survey: 67, Language: English

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List of questions in this template

  1. [color=113d5f]**Employee Engagement Survey**[/color]
  2. [color=113d5f]I am satisfied with my opportunities for professional growth.[/color]
  3. [color=113d5f]I am inspired to meet my goals at work.[/color]
  4. [color=113d5f]I am satisfied with my overall compensation.[/color]
  5. [color=113d5f]Communication between senior leaders and employees is good in my organization.[/color]
  6. [color=113d5f]I am satisfied with my total benefits package.[/color]
  7. [color=113d5f]My organization has a safe work environment.[/color]
  8. [color=3e8a8e]**Thank you** for taking the time to answer this Employee Engagement Survey. Your responses will remain completely anonymous. [/color] [hr]
  9. [color=113d5f]I am pleased with the career advancement opportunities available to me.[/color]
  10. [color=113d5f]I feel completely involved in my work.[/color]
  11. [color=113d5f]I am compensated fairly relative to my local market.[/color]
  12. [color=113d5f]I am able to make decisions affecting my work.[/color]
  13. [color=113d5f]I am satisfied with the healthcare-related benefits offered by my organization.[/color]
  14. [color=113d5f]I am satisfied with my overall job security.[/color]
  15. [color=3e8a8e]Employee Information[/color]
  16. [color=113d5f]My organization is dedicated to my professional development.[/color]
  17. [color=113d5f]I get excited about going to work.[/color]
  18. [color=113d5f]Management within my organization recognizes strong job performance.[/color]
  19. [color=113d5f]I am satisfied with the amount of paid leave offered by my organization.[/color]
  20. [color=113d5f]My organization's work positively impacts people's lives.[/color]
  21. [color=113d5f]What is your age group?[/color]
  22. [color=113d5f]I am satisfied with the job-related training my organization offers.[/color]
  23. [color=113d5f]I am often so involved in my work that the day goes by very quickly.[/color]
  24. [color=113d5f]My supervisor and I have a good working relationship.[/color]
  25. [color=113d5f]I am satisfied with the retirement plan offered by my organization.[/color]
  26. [color=113d5f]My organization operates in a socially responsible manner.[/color]
  27. [color=113d5f]What is your gender?[/color]
  28. [color=113d5f]I am satisfied that I have the opportunities to apply my talents and expertise.[/color]
  29. [color=113d5f]I am determined to give my best effort at work each day.[/color]
  30. [color=113d5f]My coworkers and I have a good working relationship.[/color]
  31. [color=113d5f]I am satisfied with the workplace flexibility offered by my organization.[/color]
  32. [color=113d5f]My organization's fiscal well-being is stable.[/color]
  33. [color=113d5f]What is your ethnicity?[/color]
  34. [color=113d5f]I am satisfied with the investment my organization makes in training and education.[/color]
  35. [color=113d5f]When at work, I am completely focused on my job duties.[/color]
  36. [color=113d5f]Senior management and employees trust each other.[/color]
  37. [color=113d5f]I understand how my work impacts the organization's business goals.[/color]
  38. [color=113d5f]What is your marital status?[/color]
  39. [color=113d5f]In my organization, employees adapt quickly to difficult situations.[/color]
  40. [color=113d5f]Employees treat each other with respect.[/color]
  41. [color=113d5f]My organization is dedicated to diversity and inclusiveness.[/color]
  42. [color=113d5f]What is your work experience?[/color]
  43. [color=113d5f]Employees here always keep going when the going gets tough.[/color]
  44. [color=113d5f]I am satisfied with the culture of my workplace.[/color]
  45. [color=113d5f]What is your job role?[/color]
  46. [color=113d5f]Employees proactively identify future challenges and opportunities.[/color]
  47. [color=113d5f]What department do you work in?[/color]
  48. [color=113d5f]Employees here are willing to take on new tasks as needed.[/color]
  49. [color=113d5f]Employees in my organization willingly accept change.[/color]
  50. [hr] [color=3e8a8e]Career Development [/color] (Copy)
  51. [hr] [color=3e8a8e]Career Development [/color]
  52. [hr] [color=3e8a8e]Work Engagement[/color]
  53. [hr] [color=3e8a8e]Compensation[/color]
  54. [hr] [color=3e8a8e]Relationship Management[/color]
  55. [hr] [color=3e8a8e]Benefits[/color]
  56. [hr] [color=3e8a8e]Work Environment[/color]
  57. [hr] [color=3e8a8e]Final Thoughts[/color]
  58. [color=113d5f]Overall, what do you like most about working here?[/color]
  59. [color=113d5f]What do you like least about working here?[/color]
  60. [color=113d5f]What would you like to see improved?[/color]
  61. [color=3e8a8e][center]**Thank you** for taking the time to complete this survey.[/center][/color]

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