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Looking for a paper-based survey data collection solution for your organization? Take a look at this course feedback form template for your upcoming research project.

Our templates come with well-designed questions that can be machine-read to recognize the checkmarks using optical mark recognition (OMR) technologies. Open text areas recognized with handwriting recognition (HWR) technologies allowing you to write handwritten text and automatically convert to a digitized format.

Questions in this survey: 15, Language: English

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List of questions in this template

  1. Course Evaluation Form Paper Survey Template
  2. Course content met your needs
  3. Knowledge of the subject matter
  4. Course materials, and educational resources
  5. The instructor encouraged students to participate
  6. Question 5
  7. Course Evaluation
  8. Class location was appropriate
  9. The course length was appropriate
  10. Instructor Evaluation
  11. The content of the course was organised and easy to follow
  12. Instructor was well prepared and able to answer any questions
  14. The objectives of the training were met
  15. The exercises/role play were helpful and relevant

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