Printable paper surveys with scanning

Collect data in paper forms, then scan to extract data using
modern AI recognition technologies

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How does it work?

1. Create a paper survey

Design your survey with our online survey creator and customize the way you like it.

There are 12 different question types to choose from and a variety of text formatting settings.

Would you like to see how it looks first? Click here to see some of our sample templates.

2. Print paper forms

Once you are happy with the survey design, it's time to print out the copies.

If your survey has more than one page, each page will be marked with a unique identifier. This simplifies the scanning and recognition process as well as prevents duplicate uploads.

3. Begin data collection

You may now distribute the forms and collect the feedback from your respondents.

You may also provide a link to complete the same survey on the web!

4. Scan & upload

It's time to scan the pages. Once you have the files scanned, you can upload them to You do not need to care about the page order or rotation, it will be detected automatically.

You can also send the documents:
  • by   email.
  • auto-sync from Dropbox.
  • upload via actions.
  • use API.

5. Analyze survey results

Analyze the survey results online or download the data file (in CSV, Excel or SPSS format) for further analysis.

Your results may be displayed in word clouds, bar charts, pie charts, and response tables.

Main Features

Optical mark recognition (OMR) recognizes checkmarks automatically from the scanned surveys with a 99.99% accuracy.

Intelligent character recognition (ICR)

Recognize characters written inside square boxes. This is great for short text, digits or dates.

Handwriting recognition (HWR)

Automatically recognize handwritten text from open response questions with a state-of-the-art AI handwriting recognition technology.

Unique identifiers for multi-page surveys

Each page can be uniquely marked. This reduces errors, eliminates duplicates and simplifies the form scanning and processing.

Dynamic forms

Use our merge tool or customize the survey with Microsoft Word mail merge to dynamically insert information and pre-fill forms.

Web surveys

Collect responses using the web survey forms as a supplementary collection source to the paper surveys.


Integrate with other applications to automate your workflow via recognition triggers and upload actions.

API & Webhooks

Integrate it with your own database or application by automatically syncing the data as there are new data.

Mobile survey scanning app (BETA)

Do not have access to the document scanner? Prefer using a phone? You may capture, auto-crop and upload paper forms using our mobile scanning application.

The application is currently available to Android devices only.

Frequently asked questions

  • How accurate is the software?

    Our software recognizes 99.99% of the checkboxes correctly. Handwritten text is recognized very accurately in multiple languages but it may be less accurate in low-quality scans.

  • Are you GDPR/HIPAA compliant?

    Yes, we are GDPR compliant. We are not HIPAA compliant at the moment. Reach out to us at and we will let you know when we achieve HIPAA compliance.

  • What printers and scanners are compatible?

    You may use any type of economy or business scanner to print and scan the printed forms. We recommend that the printer at least have the document feeder function to make the scanning process fast. If you do not have a scanner, you may as well capture the pages with your phone camera or a specially designed Android app for scanning.

  • What is optical mark recognition (OCR)?

    Optical mark recognition (OMR) is a process to identify and extract data from paper forms by analyzing marked fields such as checkboxes or 'bubble' fields. OMR is used in all close-ended questions to detect whether participant responded or not.

  • Do you support optical character recognition (OCR)?

    OCR only works with the machine-printed text and it can't accurately read handwriting. For reading the handwriting we use handwriting text recognition (HTR). If you need, you may choose to recognize the text using OCR engine (e.g. if you plan to insert some text before printing).

  • Do you support intelligent character recognition (ICR)?

    We support ICR for both digits and characters. There is no limit how many ICR fields you can have and ICR does not count towards 'Handwritten text recognition' field limit.

  • What happens when my trial or subscription ends?

    Your surveys become read-only and you will not be able to print new copies or upload new scans. You may still be able to view the analytics and export data. Once you resume your subscription, all the features will be reactivated.

  • Can I collect responses on the web?

    Yes, we do have this capability. You may share a link to a web survey to collect survey responses in a web form. You will be able to analyze results from a single spreadsheet.

  • Do I need to install or maintain any software?

    The service is cloud-based and you do not need to install anything.

  • I need a custom feature. Can you add it?

    Feel free to reach out to us with your requirements. We will likely be able to add this feature for you.